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What happens in a treatment?

Jikiden Reiki Treatments take place with the client, fully clothed, lying on a massage bed. 

The practitioner talks to you briefly about your health condition or injury before beginning.

Jikiden Reiki Treatments involve the practitioner laying their hands lightly on certain areas of the body, allowing the energy to flow into the areas that need it.

Most people sleep or feel very relaxed during the treatments and that feeling of relaxation often lasts until long after the session is over.

How long does a treatment last?

A full treatment lasts 70-90 minutes. This has been found to be the most effective in treating all kinds of health conditions.

How many will I need?

The number of treatments you will need depends on your condition and how fast your body responds to the Reiki. The more Reiki you receive, the better the effects tend to be.

An injury can often heal very fast with only a few treatments. A recent health condition or anxiety usually responds well to a course of treatments while longer term conditions will need months or in some cases, ongoing treatments. 

After your initial session, Connie will talk to you about how to proceed with treatment.

What People Say...

"This style of Reiki treatment is different from the treatments that are now commonplace. The teachings are authentic, not so 'Westernized'. It's different than I have previously experienced. I highly recommend giving Connie a call." MS

What happens after a treatment?

After a treatment the majority of people feel relaxed, calm and light. 

If you have a more serious condition and a lot of toxins that Reiki is helping your body to remove, you may find you feel a little tired that evening. A few people experience temporary cold-like symptoms as well. However, they will quickly shift leaving you feeling much better than before the treatment. In Japan this is known as a 'feeling better reaction' and indicates that the unwanted toxins and/or cause of the problems you are having are being eliminated from your body.

How much does a treatment cost?

  • Initial session of 90 minutes - $80

  • Single sessions of 90 minutes - $80

Traditionally a course of treatment is recommended:

  • Three sessions of 90 minutes - $210

  • Six sessions of 90 minutes - $390


Book a course of sessions and get a $90 discount!

What people say...

"My low self-esteem was interfering with my job so Connie sent me distance psychological Reiki to improve it. After only a couple of weeks of treatment I felt much more confident and I no longer had a problem at work. Interestingly, my increased self-esteem improved other areas of my life as well." SG

Remote Treatments

Remote treatments are as effective as in-person treatments.

If you are not able to come to the treatment room in Nelson, BC, it is possible to receive remote treatments from Connie Lambrecht.

The treatments take place over the same length of time as in-person treatments and use a somewhat similar price structure. Please contact Connie directly to discuss the price.

What is the procedure?

Connie will arrange a specific time with you. Usually, she calls or texts - whichever you prefer - before starting and again after finishing to check in. 

If the recipient is in hospital or too young to do this, she will obviously check in with the next of kin.

Remote Jikiden Reiki - What People Say...

Jikiden Reiki - Autism TestimonialCandice Ford Taperek

Candice Ford Taperek talks about how Reiki helped her son with aggression associated with his Autism.

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