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Training in Jikiden Reiki

Connie organizes Jikiden Reiki Training with Amanda Jayne in the Nelson area once a year. 

If you are interested in learning how to give Reiki treatments please follow this link to book your place on the training

If you have any questions feel free to contact Connie Lambrecht.

Amanda Jayne, Jikiden Reiki teacher and practitioner

Amanda Jayne

Reasons to learn this healing method may include:

  • to treat yourself or a close family member who is living with a chronic condition

  • to help yourself, your family and friends with their everyday health

  • to bring your children up using natural healthcare as much as possible

  • to enhance your skills as a holistic therapist

  • to discover the Japanese cultural and spiritual background to the practice

  • to understand fully how Reiki supports the natural healing process


SHODEN - Sept 30, Oct 1

OKUDEN - Oct 2

You can book on this training through this link. Scroll down to find 'Training dates in Canada' and choose the seminar training you would like to attend. 

What People Say...

"The Jikiden Reiki course packs a huge amount of entirely new information into a few days. I found it an inspiring, transforming experience and am now constantly delighted by the usefulness of Jikiden Reiki in my daily life." LT

What will I learn in the training?

There are two practitioner courses in the Jikiden Reiki Training. They contain everything you need to give Reiki to yourself and those around you.

Shoden Course

In this course you will learn how to give physical treatment to yourself and others for any health condition.

Okuden Course

In this course you will learn how to give treatments for emotional or psychological issues and for hobits. You will also learn how to send remote Reiki.

To learn more about the training please contact Connie Lambrecht or go to Amanda Jayne's website.

Women in Reiki 
lifetimes dedicated to healing in 1930s Japan and today

by Amanda Jayne and Silke Kleemann

Reiki book, Women in Reiki, stories of women in Japan who carried Reiki through challenging times and women of today teaching Reiki across the world
Buy your copy

Amanda Jayne's new book, Women in Reiki, written with Silke Kleemann, is now available in Canada for almost half the price of online retailers.

Only $37 + p&p

Further reading...

There are a few other books available on Amazon that I recommend reading if you are thinking of training in Reiki. Click on the photos to link to the Amazon pages.

Light on the Origins of Reiki

by Tadao Yamaguchi

The Hayashi Reiki Manual by Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter

Reiki and Japan - A cultural view of Western and Japanese Reiki

by Masaki Nishina

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