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About Connie Lambrecht...

I began using Reiki in 1993 and enjoyed the effects and feeling of relaxation I got with it. However, it wasn't until 2007 when I learned Jikiden Reiki that I realised Reiki could be used to create significant positive effects for serious conditions as well as more minor ailments. 

Connie Lambrecht, Reiki practitioner and teacher in Nelson, BC

I have been treating myself, my family, friends and clients daily for the last ten years and continue to be amazed at the incredible results of this gentle yet powerful treatment. 

I work primarily in Nelson, BC where I give in-person treatments but am also available for distant treatments. In January 2018 I became a Shihan-kaku (assistant teacher) in Jikiden Reiki and am now available to support Jikiden Reiki students in the Nelson area.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a treatment session.

What People Say...

"I receive Reiki from Connie on a regular basis for headaches and neck problems. It works wonders. She's my 'go to' person for Reiki". AJ

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